About Us

The Company

EMC Services has been a direct digital control (DDC) system contractor since 1997.  Our projects cover a wide variety of control systems in various markets.  We have designed, installed, and maintained Johnson Controls Metasys (DDC) systems at hundreds of customer sites since 1997.  Our breadth of experience ranges from systems with a single HVAC system to the design, development, and commissioning of campus-wide systems with thousands of points.  On almost every project over the past decade, energy conservation measures are employed which take full advantage of the control system capabilities.  EMC Services has been a Metasys® Authorized Building Control Specialist (ABCS) in good standing since 1997 and we have received several sales and growth awards during this time.  Our customers range from general office space, pharmaceutical/biotech, universities, schools, federal buildings, and just about any type of building that requires an HVAC energy management control system. 

The History

EMC Services was incorporated in June of 1986 as Electrical Maintenance and Control, Inc.  The company started as a low voltage temperature control electrical contractor primarily installing control systems for the local Johnson Controls branches.  In 1997, Jim Jones came on board as an owner and brought the DDC control system business to the company.  In 2003, Wendy Roskowski joined the company and in 2006 became a co-owner with Jim.  In June of 2010, the company name was changed to Energy Management and Control Services, Inc. to more accurately reflect the company's core services.

The People

Our staff is comprised of experienced and talented individuals with a vast range of experience in building control systems.  From the in-house engineers to our field technicians, our employees are a group of highly qualified, factory-trained, and experienced people that provide excellent customer service in a prompt and professional manner.  Our organizational chart boasts a full and varied workforce with skills that run the gamut of HVAC and DDC work.

CO2 Sensors Can Save Energy

co2-wall-mount-sensor 113.jpgThe wall mount CO2 sensor matches the Bacnet Stat. Monitoring CO2 and employing Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) strategies can reduce energy usage by limiting the amount of fresh air during low occupancy times.

Preventative Maintenance

  • Is your system critical?
  • Can't afford downtimes or interruptions in space conditions?

Consider a preventative maintenance program for your facility to review critical control systems, perform backups, review trend data and check controller health.

When Is The Last Time You Backed Up Your System?

backup-153008-960-720.pngPerform periodic backups of your working database! EMC Services recommends backing up programs and databases at least four times per year.

Let Us Help You With Your Control Panel Needs

The Connected Workflow Panel is available with a standard controller, transformer, and terminal block configurations.