Metasys® UI (User Interface)

Multiple devices (laptop, tablet, phone) showing a Metasys systemThe Metasys® UI is HTML5-compliant and provides completely device-agnostic access from smartphones, tablets, and computers. You can access the Metasys® UI from many types of client devices at most screen sizes. No software installation is required on the client device—there is no need for Java, Microsoft Silverlight®, or Adobe® Flash®, and there are no apps to download. The Metasys® UI is included with any Metasys® server Site Director: ADS, ADX. The UI has been available since Metasys® 7.0 and can be configured on your system by our skilled technicians.  

The Metasys® UI provides many benefits: 

  • Building Control through Graphics
  • Navigating by Spaces and Viewing Sites by Dashboards
  • Searching by Spaces or Equipment
  • Viewing Graphics+ Graphics and Standard Graphics
  • Acting on Alarms
  • Learning About Equipment and Potential Problem Areas
  • Viewing Trends through the Custom Trend Viewer and the Trend Widget
  • Managing Schedules