Network Automation Engine

At the heart of the Metasys® system is the series network engine (SNE/SNC).  The SNE, available in nine options, enables internet connectivity and Web-based access to the Energy Management System.  It handles all of the site-level functions such as alarming, schedules, password, trending, and data storage.  Models are available to communicate via JCI N2, Lon, and BACnet/MSTP or BACnet/IP.  The user interface stays the same regardless of the model, and the onboard tools let you build the database and generate graphics.

SNC Engine examples

There are many information technology components onboard the SNE/SNC.  The operating system is the embedded version of Microsoft XP®, and the user interface uses the JAVA virtual machine.  The NAE will deliver Web services to other applications.  In fact, you'll find more IT-type vocabulary than you've ever seen before in the SNE/SNC Product Bulletin.


General Purpose Application Controllers (CGs), VAV box Controllers (CVs), Input/Output Expansion Modules (XPM's), and VAV Modular Assemblies (VMA's) for terminal boxes make up the controller product offering.  Check out the CG/CV Product Bulletin for more information.  The robust and powerful programming includes question and answer style for typical sequences and customization available to meet all programming needs.

Four different size controllers

Stay Current!

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Stay current with your version of Metasys® Software to avoid compatibility conflicts with new versions of software and operating systems.

Variable Speed Drives

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Did you know EMC Services sells Variable Speed Drives? The VSD Series III is here! Checkout out the VSD page for more information.

Control Valves

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Need help sizing a control valve? Not sure if a valve will have enough torque to close off against your system pressure? Call us today to help select the correct control valve.

Control Dampers

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EMC Services sells a full line of control dampers from typical volume control to special applications - round dampers, insulated blades, airfoil design, fire, and smoke.

General Purpose Application Controllers

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The General Purpose Application Controllers (CG/CV) Series products are programmable controllers that are designed to install easily and communicate through standard RS485 BACnet MS/TP protocol. Controllers running in N2 mode can be used to maintain or modernize sites with legacy Johnson Controls® controllers.

Metasys® Release 11.0

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Get the latest version of Metasys® with next-level performance, cyber-security, and troubleshooting. Version 11.0 was released in December of 2020.

Metasys® Authorized Building Control Specialist (ABCS)

EMC Services has been a Metasys® Authorized Building Control Specialist (ABCS) since 1997.