Parts Sales

Don't know the part number?  Not sure what type of sensor is needed?  Trying to replace a discontinued valve?

No worries!  We can size and select any control component for your system.  

Blue flanged ValveThese are some areas we can help with product selection and application.

  • Control Valve Sizing
  • Actuator Sizing
  • Competitor Cross Reference
  • Replacement Parts for Obsolete Controls
  • Damper Selection
  • Variable Speed Drive Options
  • Discontinued Products
  • Sensors Compatible with Your System
  • Wall Mount, Duct Mount, Immersion Wells
  • CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure
  • Relays, Current Sensors / Switches
  • Power Supplies, UPSs, Transformers

Stay Current!

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Stay current with your version of Metasys® Software to avoid compatibility conflicts with new versions of software and operating systems.

Variable Speed Drives

vsd-group 145.jpg

Did you know EMC Services sells Variable Speed Drives? The VSD Series III is here! Checkout out the VSD page for more information.

Control Valves

vg7000-with-va7800 97.jpg

Need help sizing a control valve? Not sure if a valve will have enough torque to close off against your system pressure? Call us today to help select the correct control valve.

Control Dampers

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EMC Services sells a full line of control dampers from typical volume control to special applications - round dampers, insulated blades, airfoil design, fire, and smoke.

General Purpose Application Controllers

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The General Purpose Application Controllers (CG/CV) Series products are programmable controllers that are designed to install easily and communicate through standard RS485 BACnet MS/TP protocol. Controllers running in N2 mode can be used to maintain or modernize sites with legacy Johnson Controls® controllers.

Metasys® Release 11.0

user-interface metasys release 225.jpg

Get the latest version of Metasys® with next-level performance, cyber-security, and troubleshooting. Version 11.0 was released in December of 2020.

Metasys® Authorized Building Control Specialist (ABCS)

EMC Services has been a Metasys® Authorized Building Control Specialist (ABCS) since 1997.