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Sample Submittal Drawings 

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Information Included in an EMC Services Submittal

*  System Layout - the HVAC equipment is represented accurately with attention to the location of equipment, the areas it serves, and the coils and dampers' configuration.

*  Sequence of Operations - EMC Services does not regurgitate the job specification sequences.  They are written in a logical order that matches the programming tools.  Details are added to create a complete sequence of operations.

*  Bill of Material (BOM) - Materials are listed in the BOM, including accessories, exact part numbers, sensor ranges, and manufacturer.

*  Wiring Details - Every system includes wiring details showing field wiring from the panel to the equipment and termination details for interface with equipment that others furnish.  This detail allows for a quick and accurate wiring job.  Job-wide "typical" details are not used since almost every job contains some non-typical wiring and terminations.

*  Point Schedule - The point schedule is basically the controller layout.  The programmer mostly uses this information to generate the software database.  It includes the sensor and actuator ranges (i.e., 4-20ma equals 0-100% RH).

*  Communication Layout - Generally one of the first documents, this drawing gives an overview of the network layout and communication wiring building-wide.  It shows the magnitude and size of a control system by listing every controller on every communication trunk.

*  Floor Plans - Ask any service technician; floor plans help locate equipment after the job is done.  The floor plans will identify the location for panels, thermostats, and pressure sensors located in ductwork and piping.